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Soeks Quantum Professional

SOEKS QUANTUM PROFESSIONAL DOSIMETER/ GEIGER COUNTER/ RADIATION DETECTORFeatures:* English Manual & Menu, EU Certification, VAT, UK Stock, Support and 2 years warranty.* SOEKS "QUANTUM" dosimeter is meant to detect radioactive objects, air, water, food products etc.* SOEKS "QUANTUM" dosimeter is an easy to use and a user-friendly dosimeter providing rich functionality. This device is equipped with two Geiger counters of SBM-20-1 type which make it twice as sensitive to radiation as the SOEKS 01M dosimeter. The SOEKS "QUANTUM" dosimeter is fitted with the most powerful processor among all the dosimeters available on the market.Advantages:* Easy to use, compact and light device. Thanks to its smart interface, it may be used even by a child. The device will suggest by itself which radiation values are dangerous and which are safe. Fully functional. * The dosimeter allows for the measuring of both cumulative dose and background radiation. It is also provided with the "Search" function and the measurement plot for the last few hours. The device displays the readings from two counters at the same time.* The device is made of Soft-touch high quality plastic. 700 hours of non-stop operation from full charge of the batteries. This dosimeter may be connected to a computer to transfer the measurement data to the "SOEKS Device Manager" software. The measurement results may be downloaded in the Excel-format. The users may up-date the firmware up to later versions over the Internet...

£199.00 Ex Tax: £165.83