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BugHunter Dvideo Lite BDV-01

Anti Spy Camera Detector BugHunter Dvideo Lite BDV-01Description:Detects spy cameras regardless of whether they are ON or OFF.Detecting distance — up to 18 m.Operation time — up to 10 hours.Detects cameras at any illumination.Detailed english manual included.Bughunter Dvideo Lite successfully finds any spy cameras"Bughunter Dvideo Lite" helps to make yourself safe from unrighteous interference in your private lifeOperating principle is based on the effect of the reverse flare. Device emits light and receives the reflected emission (including the reflected flares from spy cameras). Since the brightness of the reflected beam from the camera lens is in several times higher than the reflections from other objects, then to determine the location of a camera is quite simple.Latent videorecording equipment can be installed in saunas, hotels, restaurants, locker rooms, and sport clubs, tanning salons, offices, in fitting shops, hostels and rental apartments as well as in many other places.The device runs under command of microcontroller with embedded software.It is a portable device designed to detect spy (veiled as different interior items) cameras regardless of whether they are ON or OFF. The device can detect not only wired cameras, but also wireless which use transmitter capable of sending information at 10 meters or even 100 meters distance.The basic rule to detect spy cameras is that the search should be performed in a place where people could probably place a spy camera. The most likely places for camera installation are those from where the working spaces, resting places (chairs, sofas, etc.) and doorways can be easily observed. The camera can be installed in a hollow space of a suspended ceiling, in premise's corners, ventilation shaft, furniture elements (wardrobe, mezzanine, etc.), comfort items or audio-video equipment, etc.You must consider that there may be several cameras. Detection of one or two video cameras do not allow you to consider that the room is completely cleared. To be completely sure of your safety, it is necessary to check all the places from where a latent recording can be performed.To determine what flare you see — spy camera lens or simply a reflection on a smooth surface (e.g., glass or mirror) – you can move aside slightly and continue to observe the same area with the working device. In this case a simple flare disappears, shifts or significantly changes its intensity. However, the bright point of the camera lens remains in the same place and there is a slight change in flare intensity until you stay in a sweep of a camera.Still you need to remember about the optimal working distance which is not more than 18 meters and that the camera can be detected only being in its sweep. Consequently, for more certainty it is recommended to observe the most suspicious places from different angles.Components assembly:1 — Power switch (On/Off)2 — LEDs3 — Camera lens4 — Power jack for battery charger5 — Red filter6 — Battery charge indicator.Products detailsBughunter TM Dvideo Litedimensions, mm92 x 58 x 24weight, gr90detecting distance, m5-18maximum current consumption by the device, mA350operating time on battery (without charging), h10battery charging time, h3Package contents:Spy cameras detector "Bughunter Dvideo Lite"Battery chargerIndividual packageEnglish manualDownload english manual 12 months..

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