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Soeks Ecovisor F4 Dosimeter - US VERSION

SOEKS ECOVISOR F4: PORTABLE 4-IN-1 DOSIMETER & RADIATION DETECTOR!!!!US VERSION! WITH US PLUG.Soeks F4 can be charged with USB cable, which is included! So US plug might not be required to operate Soeks F4. SOEKS Ecovisor F4: the best performance. Four features in one device:*Measurement of background radiation level (dosimeter)*Measurement of nitrates content in fruits and vegetables (nitrate tester)* Water quality detection (TDS Meter)* Detection of high electromagnetic emission areas*Touch-screen displayHighlights:*     VAT, UK Stock, UK company, Warranty. Official English version/English language menu & manual.*     Express assessment of nitrate levels, touchscreen display. Determination of radiation background from any objects. Indication of electromagnetic fields. TDS Meter (determination of water hardness. Newest Model November 2017 release. Complete set of Soeks * *     Soeks F4 Box Contents: Soeks Ecovisor F4 touchscreen unit battery AAA - 2 pcs. USB cable, EU AC Charger, English Manual, Warranty Card.*     General Characteristics: Continuous operation time, hours to 100 Batteries type AAA range of supply voltage, V 2.2 - 3.5 overall dimensions Height x Width thickness - NO MORE THAN 8 mm 147X54X21 Weight of the product (with batteries), emergency more, GR. * *     95 battery charge current, not more than, MA 300 consumed current from the charger or USB, no more, MA 500*     Ecovisor Soeks F4 has: Intuitive menu. Text, sound, graphic display. Sensory control. Ergonomic body. The minimum service life is 8 years. Designed and manufactured in Russia. INTRODUCTION: SOEKS Ecovisor F4 is a real home-based laboratory combining 4 functions in one device! It’s easy and convenient to protect your family’s health when advanced technologies come to help. Ecovisor F4 combines all high-end technologies from SOEKS Company. With its excellent state-of-the-art design and brilliant ergonomics, we can fairly call it our best development.The Ecovisor body is made from a satin-coated material with rubberized side parts made from rubber. The touch screen improves control and creates more visual interface. SOEKS Ecovisor is easy to use even for an inexperienced user. New Ecovisor can be connected to a computer, so you can easily update the firmware after purchasing the device. Ecovisor F4 already has the accumulators installed and is supplied with a proprietary charging device as well as a cable for connecting to a computer.Ecovisor provides quick and easy way to check of food products quality. All you need is to select a product from the expanded list. You will find even the most exotic fruits and vegetables. All nitrate level limits are already added to SOEKS Ecovisor’s memory. No need to memorize complex formulas: Ecovisor generates digital and graphic warnings when the limits are exceeded. For example, “Significant excess of standard” for dangerous products, and «Normal Nitrate Content»for safe ones..Ecovisor’s new composite probe is very different from previous models. Measurements are now made in multiple points of a fruit at the same time to ensure higher accuracy. Old models reached the highest measurement accuracy at the room temperature of the product under measurement. New Ecovisor F4 has a built-in thermal compensation sensor that ensures to better accuracy and makes it possible to measure even chilled products.Ecovisor F4 already has a built-in dosimeter. It can check the background radiation level of food products, water and other objects. After the activation, Ecovisor SOEKS continuously measures radiation and monitors the accumulated dose. If you often fly in a plane, ecperience a radiation exposure from hospital or come into contact with radioactive objects in any way, the Ecovisor’s built-in dosimeter will be an indispensable function for you. If a monthly accumulated radiation dose exceeds the permitted level, the Ecovisor F4 will warn you of a danger to your health.Water gives life, but it can be a source of danger too. Using SOEKS Ecovisor, you can detect tap water contamination, check your filter performance and the quality of water from a well.We are surrounded by electrical devices and are constantly exposed to electromagnetic emissions. Multiple electric devices create high EM emission areas in any house or apartment, without exception. SOEKS Ecovisor has built-in electric and magnetic field sensors. Ecovisor will readily help you to detect high emission areas. Sometimes, moving a baby crib or a sofa some 50-60 cm aside helps to prevent many future health issues...

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Soeks Quantum Professional

SOEKS QUANTUM PROFESSIONAL DOSIMETER/ GEIGER COUNTER/ RADIATION DETECTORFeatures:* English Manual & Menu, EU Certification, VAT, UK Stock, Support and 2 years warranty.* SOEKS "QUANTUM" dosimeter is meant to detect radioactive objects, air, water, food products etc.* SOEKS "QUANTUM" dosimeter is an easy to use and a user-friendly dosimeter providing rich functionality. This device is equipped with two Geiger counters of SBM-20-1 type which make it twice as sensitive to radiation as the SOEKS 01M dosimeter. The SOEKS "QUANTUM" dosimeter is fitted with the most powerful processor among all the dosimeters available on the market.Advantages:* Easy to use, compact and light device. Thanks to its smart interface, it may be used even by a child. The device will suggest by itself which radiation values are dangerous and which are safe. Fully functional. * The dosimeter allows for the measuring of both cumulative dose and background radiation. It is also provided with the "Search" function and the measurement plot for the last few hours. The device displays the readings from two counters at the same time.* The device is made of Soft-touch high quality plastic. 700 hours of non-stop operation from full charge of the batteries. This dosimeter may be connected to a computer to transfer the measurement data to the "SOEKS Device Manager" software. The measurement results may be downloaded in the Excel-format. The users may up-date the firmware up to later versions over the Internet...

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Iroad Powerpack Pro12 External Battery

IROAD POWERPACK PRO12/for any Dashcam External Battery/12000mA up to 56 HoursUse2021 GENERATION/ 1 YEAR WARRANTY/ VATPOWERPACK PROStay Protected, Sustainable Power SupplyRapid Charging, The All New Battery PackSECOND GENERATION INTELLIGENCE BMSProviding more intelligent security with Battery Management System. IROAD POWER PRO 12[12,000mAh] 90 Min Charging56 Hours Use Power Consumption 2.4W(IROAD X5, Parking Mode)  MULTIPLE SAFETY LOCK SYSTEMDouble Protection System For High Temperature, Overcharge And Overvoltage Short-circuit Protection / Cell BalancingIt automatically cuts off the power for security matter after inspecting the battery’s temperature.It accurately controls the voltage and balance between cells safely with the circuits designed to prevent overcharge and overvoltage.LiFePO4 (Lithium Iron Phosphate) battery, which has a 3times longer lifespan than Lithium-ion and nickel-based batteries, has excellent stability against fire and explosion, and can be charged more than 2000 times.ABLE TO CHECK YOUR BATTERY STATE IN REAL-TIME.Able to see the charging and battery state through OLED Display.The operation status can be checked intuitively through the light-emitting LED.CHECK THE INSTALLATION ERRORS FOR THE SAFETYIf the cable is not connected properly, you are required to inspect your battery state and follow the guides below.While ignition is on, If the Vin1 value is displayed but ACC1 value is not, please check the ACC line installation.While ignition is on, If the ACC1 is displayed, but Vin1 value is not, please check whether it is same after removing output cable.If the OLED is displayed after removing the output cable, a short-circuit is suspected in the output cable.Please check the uninterrupted fuse cable or connection.COMPRESSED ALUMINIUM FULL-CASE & SIMPLE SLIM DESIGNThe heat dissipation system has been reinforced through the aluminium compression case, and upgraded durability and sturdy with sanding-treated exterior material. Slim designed IROAD Powerpack Pro is adaptable to be installed in any circumstance. POWERPACK PROSPECIFICATIONSPRODUCT NAMEIROAD POWERPACK PRO 12PRODUCT DIMENSIONS160 x 254 x43 mm / 2KGBATTERY TYPELiFePO4(Lithium iron phosphate)BATTERY CAPACITY12.8V I 12,000mAh I 153WhINPUT VOLTAGE12~18V I 12A MaxOUTPUT VOLTAGE12~14.2V I 2A MaxCHARGING VOLTAGELOW (Normal charging mode) 14.2V I 4A (Cigar jack type)HIGH (Fast charging mode) 14.2V I 8A (Hardwiring type)CHARGING TIMELOW (Normal charging mode) : 3 hour(90% charge, 4A)HIGH (Fast charging mode) : 90 mins (90% charge, 8A)POWER CONSUMPTION HOURUp to 48 hours(Based on 2.6W power consumption)KC CERTFICATIONR-R-JWW-IROADPOWER-PROPACKAGE CONTENTSIROAD POWERPACK PRO 12 F-INPUT Cable OUTPUT Cable 3Types, Dual Fuse Holder Velcro Tape *2 Quick GuideOPTIONALATO Dual Fuse Cable ATO Dual Fuse Cable(Direct) Cigar INPUT Cable Home adapter ..

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