Atom Simple Dosimeter for Smartphone/ Tablet

New Atom Simple Dosimeter for Smartphone/ Tablet

Atom Simple radiation dosimeter for the smartphone and the tablet is a complex interaction between radiation detector (dosimeter directly Atom Simple radiation) and an application to be installed on the smartphone / tablet.

Radiation sensor comprises a Geiger counter GMS-20 (Geiger-Muller tube). The dosimeter is used to measure radiation and graphical visualisation of background radiation. 

Important note!

On March 26, 2019 Google Play under the pretext of which are not clear to us, rejects Atom Simple application publication. 
Download the APK file is available without registration here:
or e-mail, send the file. 

The main advantage of this dosimetric complex - it is a dynamic infographics on the smartphone / tablet, which is updated every second screen, and several parameters to control the accuracy of the measurement: 

1. In the "locator" (search mode), this allows time for about two seconds to see the dangerous rise in radiation background of a tenfold excess of natural background level or higher. Or in a time of about five seconds to evaluate the degree of danger of the environment or object within a ten-fold excess of the level of natural background. 

2. In the measuring monitor mode allows to independently assess the accuracy of the measurement accuracy by several additional parameters. 

An additional advantage - the information from the sensor is processed in parallel in two modes: fast and rough mode "locator" (search mode) and relatively accurately in the measuring mode.

Smartphone / tablet act as monitor radiation sensor readings. Without a smartphone / tablet (autonomously) Atom Simple sensor does not work. 
To see how the sensor values are transmitted to a smartphone or tablet in the demo mode, the happy owners of androids can download the free application is the same name 
of the Google the Play : dosimeter
for owners of iPhones have an app 
in the iTunes: , but it is not a demo version. 
Logo application - multibeam star with balls on the ends of the beams.
In the search field applications "radiation dosimeter" dial enough phrase. 

Launch the app, downloaded from google play. This opens a window at the bottom of which is a yellow "demonstration" button. 

Click on this button. You will find yourself in a demo mode demonstration interface capabilities and to see a simulation of the reflection radiation sensor reading on your smartphone / tablet. 

In the first window that opens, you will see a display mode "Measurement". This precise measurements of background radiation. 

How to control the mode "Measurement" and to control the accuracy of:
- "Reset" button allows you to start a new set and analysis of detected particles / radiation (click on it) 
- the counter "Registered particles" allows you to control the number of registrations for the reliability evaluation 
- the indicator "threshold exceeded dose rate" is installed by default on our 60 my / h level (you can change this threshold by simply clicking on this indicator as the / button in the window that opens, change the 60 24 / You will see a visual alarm activation / if you go to Settings and turn on vibrate, vibration will start to operate when the threshold is exceeded)
- indicator percent helps assess the accuracy of the display readings, it shows measurement / error the higher the percentage, the less reliable the display (below 15% of the readings are considered to be valid, to be more confident in the display, it is possible to wait until the indicator "particles Registered" will exceed 200. 

"Search" mode: in this mode, the display is not very accurate, but differ in speed and Maximal noy sensitivity to an increase in background radiation. 

How to control the reading mode "Search":
- if the graph and digital display begin to rise, then your sensor closer to the place, or the subject, the background radiation which is possibly higher natural background (in practice the natural background is from 9 to 17 mR / h, something that deserves your attention, should show on the graph exceeding these values for at least 7-10 units) 
- if the graph and digital display begin to decline after the rise of 7-10 units, then studied the subject or place are not of interest 
while you explore the objects and terrain in the "Search" steam continuing process of refining the level of background radiation in the "Measuring" mode.

The dimension indicator "dose intensity" can be set in mR / h or mSv / h to the "Settings" page.

If you have a budget smartphone or tablet, or brand Lenovo, then the dosimeter may lack power. To make your smartphone or tablet to work, you need to go to the application in the oscilloscope mode and adjust the frequency. a graphical interface that allows you without any special knowledge and skills to choose the right frequency.

You can put labels radiation activity and save the map to a file on the "Maps" page. 

Sensor properties of the radiation dosimeter Atom Simple:

- works with devices running iOs and Android

- measuring and provides the search mode

- adjustable threshold level exceeding the background radiation

- dosimeter connects to the smartphone / tablet via the audio jack


Before turning the dosimeter Atom Simple eponymous need to download the free app from Google Play and the App Store.

Dosimeter Atom Simple radiation works with devices running Android 4.0 and above.

Atom Simple radiation dosimeter operates with any product from iPhone4 and above.

Note to the compatibility with iPhones:
In the iPhone should be a standard audio jack connector. Via an adapter to connect fail. We do not have yet the solution for the adapter. 
When connected to an iPhone application requests access to the microphone. This is normal. 
The application has a section with a list of connected to the dosimeter application. In this list, you need to click Atom Simple.

Note to the compatibility with android:
Atom dosimeter can be called the Simple tester normal androids. 
This means that if your android earned with Atom Simple dosimeter without additional tweaks smartphone, then you have a great smartphone. 
If your smartphone is not immediately earned a dosimeter Atom Simple, then at least in the audio channel of the smartphone have shoals of iron, which the manufacturer of the smartphone adjust programmatically. 

Main specifications:

Manufacturer  NPP KB Radar
Producing countryRussia
Additional characteristics
Continuous operation timeNot limited
Energy range of detected gamma and X-rays30 keV - 3 MeV
Dimensions of the device110 * 20 * 12 mm
Ambient Operating TemperatureFrom minus 40 to plus 60 degrees C
power consumptionNo more than 10 mW
Type of detected radiationBeta, gamma, X-ray
weight unitNot more than 25 g
Energy range of detected beta radiation300 keV
power measurement range dose of gamma radiation0.05 mSv / h - 1 mSv / h (5 mR / h - 100 mR / hr)
Measurement range of a cumulative dose of gamma and X-raysNSv 1 - 1 Sv (0.1 mR - 100 F)
Power Deviation dose 137Cs gamma-ray source at a dose rate of 10 mSv / hNot more than 15%

Box contents:

Dosimeter Atom Simple
The cable for smartphone or tablet 3.5mm jack
Carry case

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